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"Great voice, super songwriting and soothing guitar too. If this were food, you'd want to supersize your order!" - Lonny Brooks writer for Wood & Steel -Taylor Guitars

"When Whittemore starts trilling her notes, cats will purr and birds will want to help her with household chores. "Magically pretty folk."

Many thanks - wonderful!! - it's releases like yours why I do all I do .. that keep me going! - Lord Litter Lord Litter Radio Show

"She's Cedar City's own Jewel-with a little Sarah Mclachlan and Morrisette thrown in for good measure"
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"She seems to have an innate empathy for the human condition and a gift for poetically expressing it." The Independent - Kevin Jones

"Karyn's music is alive; a breathing beating creature that has sprung mightily from a deep well of human emotion." The Journal - Larry Baker

"A gifted songwriter and singer. If you haven't heard her sing, this is a must. This lady has a gorgeous, passionate voice. " The Spectrum - Ed Kociela

Sonic Tapestry, June 7, 2005
Karyn Whittemore's 2001 "Slippery Road" is an excellent singer-songwriter disc. Her piano-based melodies are beautiful and call to mind the classic female singer-songwriters such as Carole King & Laura Nyro as well as newer artists like Tori Amos and Suzanne Vega. "I Don't Own You" is a beautiful midtempo melody with Karyn's higher-pitched alto being quite expressive, "Can't take the answers from the grave, Can't know everything, Can't know how we are saved, Can't know it all 'cause I have no control at all." "Catatonic" is a great toe tapper with some tasty electric lead guitar by Tom Chandler. Her lyrics are at times extremely upbeat as on "Let the Healing Begin," "Once I feared that I was drowning, Once I thought the only way up was out, departure was so inviting, but now I've come to learn that there's more that life is about." "Shadenfreude" is apparently a German word about which Whittemore bases an intricate & moving song about embarrassment & revenge, "God forgive me right now, I know these thoughts I should learn to control, Strange the way that life can take you down while others smile from the sidelines." The set concludes with a stunning almost a cappella song with Karyn's melody & countermelody weaving an intricate sonic tapestry. There are no weak tracks on this excellent independent release that is sure to fly below the radar screens of many. See & you shall find! Enjoy!
Lee Armstrong -