Welcome to this website!  If you have the yearning in your heart to live in the 4.0 upgrade version of the world like I do, I hope you’ll join me in working on ways to bring in the new higher vibrations to the planet. I created this site to help myself and like minded individuals who wish to improve their manifestation abilities, would like to interact more with unseen beings such as angels, deceased loved ones, and elementals, and increase their capacity for love to help raise our global consciousness and heal our world.  I love living in a magical world and believe the more we invest our attention and awareness into the magic all around us, the more magical it will become!

I would love to hear your stories of amazing synchronicities or how you used or developed your psychic or intuitive gifts.  I would also love to hear about the wonderful things you manifested into your world.  Even if you have thoughts or insights you feel prompted to share or wish to comment on something you learned from someone else, this would be wonderful.  Nothing is too small or too big as long as it comes from your heart.

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06-12-2021 Animal Intelligence  

Everything has intelligence.  Most of us who have ever had a pet know this, but sometimes we don’t acknowledge the higher thinking of smaller animals such as insects.  If you haven’t seen the youtube video of the 2 bees opening a fanta bottle, it’s well worth watching.  The bottle is already open, and the lid is just sitting on top.  The bees work together on opposite sides of the bottle to lift the lid.  This shows problem solving, communication, and team work which is not just innately programmed into them.  There is definitely higher thinking happening despite having tiny little brains. 

One of my clients told me about her previous home with a swimming pool.  A family of dragonflies moved in and stayed there generation after generation.  She got to know them, and they seemed excited and happy to see her when she was around.  Sometimes one of the dragonflies would bully one of the smaller dragonflies.  She would hold her hand up a few inches from her chest, and the dragonfly being bullied would hide behind her hand in front of her chest.  The other dragonfly would stop pursuit and leave. 

One day she was out by her pool reading a book.  A dragonfly kept flying in front of her page and then would fly over toward the fence.  After it kept doing this, she wondered if it was trying to tell her something.  She followed it and looked over the fence.  There was a cat and a dragonfly that was wounded that the cat was tormenting.  She rescued it, and the other dragonfly left her alone to read. 

Could it be that something as small as an insect could have feelings, empathy, and know how to seek help for a solution for his dragonfly friend?  I believe so. 

The more we appreciate the things in nature and the world around us, respecting that all things in nature could have thoughts and feelings, the more we can act compassionately.  When we are loving and compassionate with animals, plants, rock, water, dirt, and EVERYTHING, the world often changes and behaves differently in response to our attitude and energy.  This is one way we can bring more magic into our everyday. 

For more, check out my video on my new channel Magical World.  If you have an animal story to share, please share with us on the Share your story page. 

Love and Blessings! 


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