07-15-21 Messages in the shower

There are many ways we can get guidance without having to go to some healer or psychic although it may be fun to do so once in a while.  But just in our own homes, there’s no reason why we can’t make connections on our own and get answers.  The answer may not be blaring.  You may not see a finger pointing out of a burning bush or hear  a clear voice.  The clouds may not part, showing you a magnificent vision.  But you may get an impression or new ideas pop into your head that you hadn’t thought of before. 

Simply praying could bring you the answers and peace.  I’ve also had fun with automatic writing which isn’t as scary as some have made it sound.  It’s not like your body is being possessed and someone else is doing the writing at least for most people.  A great book that can help someone learn this process is Michael Sandler’s “AWE - The Automatic Writing Experience.” Meditation is another great way.  Meditation could be sitting straight cross legged on a yoga mat, or it could even be going for a walk in nature while being present and contemplative.  It doesn’t have to be anything special.  It’s just tuning in and accepting what you get. 

One method I like is something I call Messages in the Shower.  Just jump in the shower and ask questions. See what you get.  Being near water can really help our connection because water is such a high vibration.  It’s a shame so many of us walk around dehydrated. 

Learning to trust yourself is probably the biggest challenge.  The more you practice and keep getting confirmation for the information you receive, the greater the confidence you develop.  It’s worth investing a little time into it and sure can be fun!

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