Welcome to this website!  If you have the yearning in your heart to live in the 4.0 upgrade version of the world like I do, I hope you’ll join me in working on ways to bring in the new higher vibrations to the planet. I created this site to help myself and like minded individuals who wish to improve their manifestation abilities, would like to interact more with unseen beings such as angels, deceased loved ones, and elementals, and increase their capacity for love to help raise our global consciousness and heal our world.  I love living in a magical world and believe the more we invest our attention and awareness into the magic all around us, the more magical it will become!

I would love to hear your stories of amazing synchronicities or how you used or developed your psychic or intuitive gifts.  I would also love to hear about the wonderful things you manifested into your world.  Even if you have thoughts or insights you feel prompted to share or wish to comment on something you learned from someone else, this would be wonderful.  Nothing is too small or too big as long as it comes from your heart.

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If you are part of this soul group and feel drawn here, I hope you’ll join myself and all of us!  Welcome, and I so look forward to your participation and meeting you!

07-18-2021 Food Magic 

I really believe it’s very important that we love the food we put in our mouths.  It effects how our food will respond to us.  I call this food magic because in a way it magically changes our food when we send it our love and appreciation and/or bless it.  Like all things, food has vibrational energy that interacts and responds to our energy.  If we send our food loving thoughts, it’s much more likely going to want to return the love and release more of it’s nutrients for our cells to utilize.  It will want to join and become part of us. 

Also the food we choose can do it’s own magic.  We can choose to eat low energy food like maple bars and cheetos (both are my favorites and I have fond memories of my time with them), or we can choose to eat high vibration foods like fruits and vegetables.  When we eat high vibration foods, these can actually help change us and help us with our spiritual evolution.  Think about it, if I’m eating nothing but maple bars all day, I’ll end up having sugar spikes and lows which will make me irritable and irrational.  I’ll likely be more impatient and less tolerant of others, and it could effect my sleep too. 

On the other hand, if I choose to pig out on a bowl of fruit, not only do I feel good with my digestion, but I get to take advantage of the spiritual energies within the food which helps my own energy vibration.  It helps me stay connected with the divine even if I’ve created energetic blocks in my body that limit how things from the outside flow into and through me.  It’s hard not to be cheery eating a bowl of cherries.  Their delightful!

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