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Recording The New Album 

Over the last few months, we've been recording our debut album for the band Love Creature. We are now in the mixing process. The vocals are always the most ardous part of the process. It's hard to get that take you want to live with forever. it's quite a commitment.  Could it be better?  ....maybe just one more take. Is the feeling there?  Put it away and listen fresh in a few days.  Is my voice in the right place? It's enough to drive anyone insane. There's more mixing coming up in a few days. Anyway, that's what I've been up to lately.

Concert @ The Red Coyote (Song: Slippery Road) 

Shawn, Chuck and I went down to Virgin to play at the Red Coyote Cafe, and we had a blast. If you're ever heading out to Zion's National Park, you need to stop by, say hi to Jan, and try her chicken quesadilla (Delicious). Thanks to Jan Walker for having us out.

Thanks to everyone that came. The place was packed, and the crowd was terrific. It was great to meet all of you guys. We look forward to coming back again sometime. 

Above is a short video snippet of the Red Coyote performance. Hope you enjoy it.

Concert @ The Cosmopolitan 

....with 5 star chef Imi Kun

I had a blast last night playing at the Cosmopolitan. You really need to stop by if you're looking for one of the finest dining experiences in Southern Utah or anywhere else for that matter. Imi knows how to do it up right. It's easy to see how the Cosmopolitan has gained the reputation it has. The concert went great and thanks to everyone that came out. The place was packed.

The entree for the evening.

SUSWA & Cedar City Fall Concert Series 

Thanks so much to everyone that showed up to this concert.  I was really happy about how this went.  Thanks to Richard Panessa from SUSWA for having us out.  It was a great evening! 

This past week has been really busy with both the SUSWA concert and the Cedar City Fall Concert Series.  Thanks so much to Larry Baker for all he did in putting that together.  It was great to get to hear Steve Swift Play again.  It's been awhile.

In other news, there's alot of upheavel in the economy lately.  Just remember if they decide to have a recession, just don't participate :-). Keep the money flowing. Buy and invest. Consumer confidence is everything. My two cents anyway.

Review of the SUSWA concert:

Karyn Whittemore was our featured performer and as the pro that she is, takes control of an audience from the first song with her sultry style, powerful voice, and song selections. Journeymen Chuck Triplett on bass and Shawn Owens (sssss) on drums fill out the trio nicely. No additional accompaniment is necessary as they provide a nice clean, clear sound that allow Karyn's lyrics to shine through.

Concert @ Iron County Fair 

It was a fun concert at the Iron County Fair.  It went really well as usual.  This is kind of a goofy picture, but I kinda like it.  It captures that county fair atmosphere anyway. Brian Huntsman filled in for Chuck on Bass.  I'd like to thank him for that.  He and Shawn played really well together. Chuck is in Bulgaria with the National Guard keeping us safe from the Bulgarians I guess. He will be back towards the end of the month.

There's a couple more shows coming up in September so check out the schedule (show button at the top of the page).

There should be more pics of this concert in my myspace blog.

Z-Arts Concert 

This was a great concert.  It really couldn't have gone better.  I'd like to thank Michael Evenson from the Z-Arts Council and Julie and Max Gregoric from Sol Foods for having us out.  They make a great blackened fish sandwich, Gyro and Tortellini pasta, excellent! Check Sol Foods out when you travel to Zion's National Park. The place was packed, and we sold all but a couple of CDs which is always nice. Shawn and Chuck make me look great as always.  It was fun, fun, fun.  We made lots of new friends. Thanks so much to everybody that came out!! There's more pics of this concert in my myspace blog.

Concert @ Giant Steps 

The concert went really well yesterday.  It was great to meet some new friends as well at Brian Head's Summer Concert Series.  Thanks to Chuck Triplett (Bass) and Shawn Owens (Drums), they were outstanding as usual.  I'm fortunate to have some of the best players around to play with me. 

Giant Steps is a mountain, and in the summer they use their ski lift to ferry mountain bikers and their bikes up the mountain.  Clever idea for revenue enhancement for a ski lift in the summer.

In other news, I've finally got my You Tube channel up. It only has one video on it so far.  We have plans to get a good video camera and do it up right.  No, I'm not giving a date.  It happens when it happens :-).  The video that's up now is a student project from the SUU communications program.  It was fun to help them and a learning experience for all involved.

Concert @ Jessie's Grill 

I played at Jessie's Grill in Springdale (gateway to Zion's National Park) last night.  I want to thank Cory &  Jessie Nelson for inviting me out.  I love this place. If you travel to Zion's Park, you must stop there on the way in.  The food is excellent. 

I hope to make it a regular gig.  As you can see in the scenery behind me, Zion's National Park is a special place and that's not even technically the park area that people pay to see.

People ask me why I don't tour more. Springdale is the answer to that question.  I would rather drive a short distance to one location that people from all over the world travel to than drive hundreds of miles to other locations to play to audiences.  It's kind of my Branson.  

There's more pics of this in my myspace blog.

Jazzy Java Concert  

This was a really fun concert. Thanks so much to Reid for having us out.  This is one of the best equipped venues I've played at.  It's great to have professional premium venues like Jazzy Java and The Grind in this area. Jazzy Java has some awesome gear.  Everything sounded great, and the stage set up with lights couldn't be better. My sound guy was telling me that their lighting set up was all LEDs which I've never seen before.  The stage lights put out no heat which makes a big difference to the performer ie; me.

Thanks so much Chuck Triplett (Bass) and Shawn Owens (Drums) for playing with me. They sounded awsome as usual and always make me look good. 

There will be more pics of this concert on my myspace blog.  I try to scatter different content everywhere.  If anyone starts a I'm going to flip. Enough already.