Veggie Skillet

I found last nights dinner very satisfying.  Yes, there is a potato in this dish which can often be very starchy and spike those insulin levels; however, there are so many other veggies that the amount of potato consumed becomes reasonable.  Plus, the skin of the potato is rich in chromium which can help sugar levels, so I feel justified.  Anyway, my tummy liked it.

First I heated my coconut oil and then added a freshly chopped yellow onion and garlic.  Then I chopped 2 stalks of celery and a carrot and tossed that in.  Next I sliced one good sized red potato.  I stirred these together and added salt and lots of black pepper.  Then I chopped about 1/3 each of red, orange, and green bell pepper and added jalepeno.  Then came a japenese eggplant from my garden (woohoo) and a zucchini chopped.  I stirred again and added more salt and black pepper.  I also chopped up some broccoli and added 1 can of drained black beens.  Next I chopped up 1 bunch of cilantro and sliced up some mushrooms.  When the potatoes and eggplant were done, but the onions and other veggies still had just a bit of crunch, I took it off the stove and added fresh spinach leaves and parmesan cheese.  Oh, I also added just a touch of sage, but you could choose thyme or any other seasonings to your liking or just leave it with the salt and pepper.

So here is are the ingredients I used, but you can add more or cut things out depending on what's in your garden or fridge:
Red Potato
Red, Orange, and Green Bell Pepper
Black Beans
Salt and Pepper to taste

I had a lovely artichoke on the side and was in heaven. 

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