Water problems and other stuff

This past weekend we had the water line that goes to the house go out.  It went out on Thursday and Blue Stakes showed up within a couple of hours to clear our excavater for digging.  He showed up bright and early at 8am on Friday and cut through the side walk, dug 6 feet down and  16 feet to our building and installed our brand new water line.  We had water by 1pm.  It cost a grand total of $950.00.  Not to bad considering the great speedy service and he was able to put the old sidewalk back in place.  Even he was amazed at that feat.  We didn't even need to get a contracter to come and pour new concrete.  It was pretty painless.  We just need to do a little new planting in the spring.

I've also been busy lately doing some private concerts as well as a couple of public shows coming up.

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