Healthy Fare

I'm always suggesting food ideas to my patients of dishes I've made up to help them manage their diabetes, cholesterol, or weight loss.   When they hear my ideas, they often get excited that healthy food can sound delicious rather than be a chore and frequently ask me for recipes or to write a cookbook.  I'm too lazy to write a cookbook, and I'm not good at precise measurements for recipes.  I love being in the kitchen, adding a handful of this and a pinch of that which is part of the fun, creative process.  So I'm going to post basic recipe rough drafts that will give people ideas of what to do with food, and people can play with ingredients to taste.  Cooking is an art and an act of love, not a science of tablespoons and measuring cups.  So have fun with your food.  Love your food.  And I hope you enjoy these ideas!

Bon Appetit!

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