I normally wouldn't have gone to see this double feature, but there was a name attached to the film I couldn't resist.  Quentin Tarantino has been a favorite film maker of mine since Pulp Fiction.  He is always doing something different pushing the art of film to the edge in the most innovative ways.  I doubt there has been a film as influential as Pulp Fiction to the art of film making since Citizen Kane.
This Tarantino/Rodriguez double feature comprised of Tarantino's Death Proof and Rodriguez's Planet Terror was pretty enjoyable, but the viewer should be prepared to deviate from the regular beaten path of what to expect from a movie.  This movie parrots the bad film making of this genre from the late 60's and early 70's complete with scratch marks and missing reels from a deplorable movie house experience.  Someone forgot to let Tarantino know the movie house in my nieghborhood is already deplorable without any enhancement from him, complete with blown speakers and a picture that doesn't fill the screen. Thank you West State Theatre's for the great service you provide.  Sorry, I digress. 

Planet Terror was my favorite.  There's something about zombies that I'm drawn too.  One critic said that Planet Terror is proof that zombies make any film better and I agree.  Death Proof by Tarantino was also a good revenge pic if you enjoy seeing the bad guy get what's coming to him.  Go see grindhouse, but as always with a Tarantino production, be prepared to deviate from the norm.

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