"Everything's Changed" CD release party

This event really couldn't have gone better last night.  Thanks so much to everybody that was there.  The Grind is the best venue anywhere, and I've been around from Vegas to California. It was packed to capacity. They have a great PA, stage and lights.  Thanks to Dennis for handling all that!  I'd like to especially thank Randi Dumlao for catering and all the effort she put into it with her people.  Thanks so much to Carey Zwang, Art kaufman, Cliff Simpson  and Tyler  Braun for playing with me.  We sold a ton of CD's as well which is always nice.   Even after the event was nearing to a close, and they were packing up the PA system, more people came and wanted a show, so I did a really unplugged little set for about 15-20 people.  That was really intimate and in some ways actually may have gone better than the plugged concert.  Sometimes it's hard to beat simplicity.  It was the release party that any performer dreams of.  Thanks again so much to everybody that was there and made this event so special.   Enjoy the bread!

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